War Sweet Home


“War Home Sweet” is a short film telling the story of the war and its effect on Syrian refugee children from Syrian expats point of view.

We kindly ask you to watch the 4 minutes film till its very end without skipping, not to miss how the story evolves to its conclusion.

The film is currently a contender for the “My RØDE Reel 2017 (4K)” award, and we need your vote to win, for that please follow the link “https://goo.gl/xMVN2C”

The filmmakers have already promised that any awards the film wins will go to the Syrian refugee children

دوبارة هي شبكة خدمية، تقوم على فهم مشاكل الأفراد ومتطلباتهم لابتكار أفضل الحلول المناسبة لهم، من خلال منصة الكترونية تشاركية تجمع من لديه المشكلة وبين من يمتلك الحل.