the world’s first thinnest & strongest smartphone


Firas Khalifeh is a Syrian IT engineer and entrepreneur based in Dubai. He’s the co-founder of Carbon Works, the company that created ‘Carbon Mobile®’, the world’s first smartphone created from Carbon fiber & Kevlar which makes it the thinnest, lightest & strongest smartphone ever made. Carbon Mobile was launched to the public on October 16th, 2016 during Gitex Technology Week in Dubai.
Carbon Mobile is the brainchild of Firas Khaliefh & Jorge Reise . The idea started in early 2015 and in less than 14 months with extremely limited resource and in unrealstic timeline, Carbon Works was able to create the final version of Carbon mobile.
The company is now accepting preorders as the first devices batch will be produced in the next few months & delivered during February 2017. The device will be available in the Mena market by April, 2017.

Since the project started, Firas has faced skeptical feedback labeling the project as “unrealistic & far-fetched” , but Firas’s ambition, hard work & solid belief in his dream pushed him to work harder till the dream became tangible reality.

Aside from Carbon mobile, Firas’s previous projects has won international awards. Earlier this year, his work on the ‘Virtual Mall’ was awarded ‘Best E-commerce Project’ during Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. This project was one of its kind as it was launched in Dubai last year & now it’s expected to be implemented across the Middle East and Europe.

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