The Toy Smuggler


“The Toy Smuggler”, a Different Kind of Smuggler who Brings Joy to Syrian Children
“The Toy Smuggler”, the moment you hear such a nickname, the first thing that comes to your mind is illegal transportation of objects. However, the toy smuggler we are going to tell you about is different.
Rami Adham is a Syrian residing in Finland. Every two months, he travels to Syria, challenging all dangers and carrying 80 kg of toys to give to the children there with the hope of alleviating their pain.
In an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Rami said: “In the first time, we visited a refugee camp and started distributing food. However, once we began to distribute toys, children from across the camp gathered around us, making a lot of noise. They didn’t care about food as much as they did about having a toy.
Despite all the hard circumstances, Rami is currently planning for his next trip to Syria. He is imagining the faces of the children who are impatiently waiting for him.
We, the Dubarah Team, are proud of Rami and wish him a safe and successful trip.

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