Peace by Chocolate


The Hudhuds are a Syrian family who arrived in Canada at the end of 2015 and settled in Ingonish east of Canada. The Hudhuds received overwhelming welcome and help from the townspeople.

Isam Hudhud, the father, decided to manufacture chocolate, his original line of work back in Syria. After the project’s success, the family donated its profits to the Canadian Red Cross to provide help to the people of Fort McMurry, Alberta, where 80% of the people were displaced last May due to a wildfire.

As a result of this initiative Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, thanked the Syrian family saying: “Thank you for being such an extraordinary example of the kind of strength and leadership and engagement that comes with bringing new people to Canada,”

The family chose to name their company “ Peace by Chocolate ” as they have absolute faith that chocolate is the path to happiness that one requires, as much as one requires peace.

Dubarah’s team wishes the Hudhuds more luck and success.

دوبارة هي شبكة خدمية، تقوم على فهم مشاكل الأفراد ومتطلباتهم لابتكار أفضل الحلول المناسبة لهم، من خلال منصة الكترونية تشاركية تجمع من لديه المشكلة وبين من يمتلك الحل.