Hanan Shehadat excelled in the Philadelphia University of Jordan


Hanan Shehadat is a Syrian student who excelled in the marketing field and achieved valedictorian status. Hanan graduated Philadelphia University of Jordan with an average of 91.8%.

Hanan studied for two years in Syria before moving to Amman where she had to stop her education due to difficult circumstances. Despite all the challenges Hanan went through, she continued her studies. She had to repeat one full semester but, despite the set back, was able to excel and achieve high grades in her field.

Hanan said: “No matter how difficult your circumstances are, if you have determination, you will find an opportunity. Don’t say we won’t be able to achieve anything. In fact, with education and knowledge we will be able to rebuild Syria again.”

Dubarah’s team wishes Hanan further excellence and success.

دوبارة هي شبكة خدمية، تقوم على فهم مشاكل الأفراد ومتطلباتهم لابتكار أفضل الحلول المناسبة لهم، من خلال منصة الكترونية تشاركية تجمع من لديه المشكلة وبين من يمتلك الحل.