George Batah talk in TEDxUChicago


George Batah is a syrian student living in the US. He’s been invited to give a talk in TEDxUChicago because he dedicated a huge portion of his time to volunteer and help supporting the cause of syrian refugees in the US, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the White House. George did his best to shed light on the case of refugees. The case he’s doing his best to further.

The talk had highly positive resonance among the crowd and the media which has been putting more emphasis on refugees. Moreover, universities started approaching George and other Syrian youth to give awareness-raising, motivating speeches on the subject and started studying offering scholarships to Syrian students.

It is worth mentioning that George works in the field of finance and is a co-founder of the Syrian Youth Empowerment association which aims to help students land full scholarships in the US by offering free TOEFL and SAT courses in three cities in Syria.

TED is one of the most important, if not the only, platform that gathers bright minds from all over to spread their creativity and experience for the world to make the best of it. We are very proud to have Syrian representation in such an inveterate platform.

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